July 29, 2016



Saṃsāra meaning "wandering" with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. It also refers to the theory of rebirth and "cyclicality of all life, matter, existence", a fundamental assumption of all Indian religions. 

 In other words: reincarnation. I am not going to talk about that today, the concept is beyond my understanding, although it does sounds appealing. So is this lovely place which is actually called Samsara , a oriental inspired place that serves dozens types of tea, hookas and cool biscuits. There are three uniquely designed salons, so interesting and sooo cozy (you have to take your shoes off before you enter!) But the garden in the back is so quiet and chilled, it feels like you are escaping the noisy hot city and enter in a new world, so the name is justified.
The place charms me every time I go back there, it's gorgeous to visit, especially in the Summer.
And you can't resist the temptation of taking photos there!

Happy weekend guys!

samsara samsara5 samsara4 samsara6 samsara7 samsara2 samsara9 samsara8

Wearing: Zara dress, H&M jewelry

July 27, 2016

Almost all-white

floral culottes

 I am baaack after a unjustified absence, let's just say that life got in the way of my own blogging world, but I'll try to get back on track because I really do miss working on this blog, especially creating beautiful photos and even the whole editing process, which sometimes can take longer than I'd like. Seriously though, I love creating content here and see what you all have been up to as well.

 For this outfit, I left my romantic self aside and I turned to a more modern look, featuring this lovely peplum top that is so adorable in my opinion, and this ah-mazing pair of floral print culottes I found in H&M on sale! And guess what? It was the last pair and in my size - I mean, how could anyone resist that? It's like meant to be.
In a few days I'll be leaving for Bucharest for a short vacation, so hopefully I won't be absent for too long from my blog, but you can always find me on Instagram to see what I am up to!

floral culottes4 floral culottes2 floral culottes3 floral culottes7 floral culottes8 floral culottes5 floral culottes6

Wearing: Bershka top, H&M culottes, ASOS shoes, vintage bag, self-made necklace, H&M rings

July 19, 2016

Medieval romance

medieval romance

Welcome to my castle!

Right, I wish I could live in one, I bet it would be beyond fabulous, but since you and me do not have that luxury, we can only dream right?
And so I dreamt and to bring this little dream to life, I needed a pretty dress and a very old citadel. Lucky for me, we have one here in my hometown and look at how perfectly it goes with this amazing, romantic and sort of medieval looking dress!

I really felt like a princess among all the tourists, and even though I broke one of my shoes and a heavy storm was coming (as you can see from the dark blue background) I had fun taking these photos!

You can find the dress at Zaful and you can be a princess in a modern age too!

medieval romance6 medieval romance7 medieval romance4 medieval romance3 medieval romance9 medieval romance8 medieval romance5 medieval romance2

Wearing: Zaful dress, no name shoes, vintage earrings