July 1, 2015


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 I don't know how, but this type of Summer cardigan started to grow on me since this Spring. I like how light they are and how it gives a certain kind of bohemian touch to the outfit and if they have floral prints, well that is even better!
 So it's perfect for a nice stroll in the city or in the park, for festivals and beachwear, it goes amazingly well with shorts or your regular skinny jeans, mini skirts, platform sandals or flats and even with certain bodycon dresses. You wouldn't believe how versatile this piece can be!

 How do you like it?

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Wearing: Atmosphere cardigan, C&A top, thrifted shorts, MiniPrix.ro sandals, vintage bag, no name bracelets and sunglasses


June 28, 2015

The little hippie

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 Ever since I saw this suede skirt in all H&M stores back in Spring, I knew it had to be mine. However, for a while I managed to keep the impulsive shopping under control and I hoped I could find this particular skirt on sales. And I was right! The moment I saw it with a 60% discount a few days ago, I took it and I didn't even bothered to try it on, as if someone else might take it from me in the dressing room - how absurd is that?
 In any case, I knew it would be a perfect match for this shirt I had for some time now and boy I so love the result! It resembles our traditional Romanian blouses and I noticed this style of shirts began to bloom ever since this Spring, and I really embraced the idea myself too even though I wasn't a fan at first.

 I hope you like the outfit and I hope you are having a great weekend!

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Wearing: No name blouse, H&M skirt, MiniPrix.ro sandals.


June 26, 2015

Colorful outfits on rainy days

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 It's been pouring rain for the last two days, so it was a bit difficult to go out and about and take pictures, but at least the sun wasn't shining too bright to ruin both my mood and my photos. It was quite cold outside for this time of the year, but I stubbornly wanted to feel it was still Summer, so a tank top and a silky skirt were my choices for that particularly rainy day (I still had a blazer, don't worry).
This weather gives me a lazy mood, so my idea of spending my free time right now is to read a bitter book and to watch all sorts of fantasy and gothic series on my comfy couch - think of Penny Dreadful and Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - check them out, they're quite good. These are my occupations until Summer begins again - hope it won't be too long now.

 Have a great weekend guys!

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Wearing: Stradivarius skirt and sandals, Pull and Bear top, The Bag Shop bag