June 28, 2016

The perfect little Summer dress

off shoulder summer dress2 

 I hope you had a great weekend guys! Mine was quite full, a friend of mine came to visit for a few days and I got to pay the tourist this past weekend, so we walked around pretty much all day, showing her all the main attractions and the coolest bistros the city has to offer, so it was both relaxing and tiring at the same time, but nonetheless, fun!
 For this, I got a chance to wear this easy breezy dress I bought not long ago, especially for the hot Summer days we are dealing with right now. I was attracted by the very light fabric and the fact that it can be worn off the shoulders, of course! I convinced myself that I need this dress in my life and I wasn't wrong! It's so practical and yet, very romantic, perfect for my style.

  off shoulder summer dress7off shoulder summer dress4 off shoulder summer dress5 off shoulder summer dress3 off shoulder summer dress6 off shoulder summer dress

Wearing: random brand dress, MiniPrix sandals, H&M bracelets, vintage earrings

June 24, 2016

Joben - the coolest steampunk bistro in town!

joben steampunk pub9  
I am back with a new "places to visit in Cluj" article, this time featuring Joben bistro, which is one of the coolest and most exquisite places in town! (In Romanian, the term "joben" literally translates to "tophat")
 If you are into steampunk pubs or fashion, this is a place you cannot miss if you are ever in Cluj! I think the photos speak for themselves, I mean I can't even begin to describe how amazing every little detail is. I was amazed the first time I went here and two years later, I am still amazed. 

The craftsmanship put into all the designs is brilliant, you can see that the people who designed the interior are filled with creativity and fun, quirky ideas! 
 Also, the food is great! From fancy appetizers to burgers and fresh salads and let's not forget the unique cocktails selection! It's absolutely a delight.

Take a look and the photos for a small glimpse of this gorgeous place!

  joben steampunk pub10joben steampunk pub5 joben steampunk pub3 joben steampunk pub8 joben steampunk pub4 joben steampunk pub6 joben steampunk pub2 joben steampunk pub7 joben steampunk pub 

 If you are ever in Cluj, you can find it at Avram Iancu 29 Street. 

 Have a relaxing weekend guys!

June 22, 2016

Two Summer Must Haves

summer off shoulder2 

 I don't know about you, but I am roasting like a chicken whenever I step outside, the weather is crazy hot! Indoors is no better, but at least my skin won't get burned. I really need a SPF 200! 
The good thing about this outfit is that these shorts are made of the lightest, softest cotton and honestly, it feels like you are walking in your underwear and sometimes in the Summer, that is all you wish to do. 
So, a pair of comfy, easy-breezy shorts like this can save you during hot days, and my other recommendation is the on going, off the shoulder tops which are so feminine and so in trend right now. Plus, you'll get a natural tan without marks around the neckline, because don't we all hate ugly tan marks on our skin, am I right?

Enjoy the rest of your week guys!

summer off shoulder summer off shoulder5 summer off shoulder4 summer off shoulder3 summer off shoulder6

Wearing: H&M top, Terranova shorts, MiniPrix.ro wedges