April 22, 2016

Blooming Spring

spring pants 

 Bloom in the trees and bloom on my pants as well - that may sound weird but seriously, what better time to wear these trousers than now, when all my favorite flowers are in bloom and there is color everywhere! 
And how great it is that it's finally Friday? Sometimes it feels like certain weeks go by slower than others and when the weather is good, you only want to plan your next vacation rather than to work, I bet you know what I mean. 

 That being said, have a relaxed and exciting weekend everyone!

  spring pants5spring pants6 spring pants2 spring pants4 spring pants3

Wearing: Zara pants, jacket and top, Asos shoes, thrifted Primark bag, vintage earrings.


April 18, 2016

New in: stripped culottes

stripped culottes 

 We're having a wonderful pre-Summer weather here in Cluj, so it's time to wear easy-breezy culottes and light tops! I feel so great in these pants, they are so comfortable and they look so good, I wish I could have culottes like these in every color and print!
 I chose to wear golden accessories, because this is my thing right now and you don't need much when you have a bold print on you such as these thick stripes, it gets enough attention as it is.

 Hope you like guys and have a happy Monday!

  stripped culottes6stripped culottes8 stripped culottes2 stripped culottes3 stripped culottes4 stripped culottes7 stripped culottes5

Wearing: BeYou shirt, Zara culottes, Adona bag, Stradivarius shoes, H&M necklaces and bracelets signature

April 15, 2016

Welcome to Distrikt 42!

distrikt42 1 

 I love themed restaurants, wether they are vintage, aristocratic, gothic or rustic, I am there to check it out! So, when I heard about Distrikt 42, a rather new place in Bucharest, I had to see what it was like and of course how the food tasted - another thing about me: when I travel, I love to eat in new places and check out exotic dishes. The place is decorated in steampunk style, a style that is so in trend right now (there are already three steampunk pubs in Cluj already) so that really caught my attention.

 At a first glance you might think the place is quite small, but there are about four different salons each decorated differently one from another, and the decorations simply mesmerize you. Of course we took our time and took photos there and a waitress was kind enough to lend me the classic steampunk top hat even though I didn't ask for it, so thanks to her I was in the theme!

 I hope you like the photos and do check it out if you have the chance, the food is also great!

  distrikt42 2distrikt42 3 distrikt42 5 distrikt42 4 distrikt42 9 distrikt42 8 distrikt42 6 distrikt42 11 distrikt42 10 distrikt42 distrikt42 7 

If you want to check it out,  Distrikt 42 is located at Sf Dumitru 13, Bucharest

P.S. By the way, I just started posting on Instagram, if you want, you can follow me @lola.wonder

Happy weekend guys!