October 16, 2016

Beauty products I'm into recently

beauty products  
I am not much of a beauty hoarder, although I do have sometime impulses to buy 7 types of face cleansers or 10 eyeshadow palettes just because there no such thing as too many colors right? But I cool down thinking that I do not need that many cosmetics, I just need to find the perfect formula, or makeup color that is right for me, no matter if it is a lipstick or blush.
Recently I've discovered some great products in Sephora, such as the Wonderful Cushion Illuminator, which from what I could see it's recently launched, then there's the Cleansing Oil and the Beauty Amplifier, which is a face primer.
The rest of the pictured products are bought after an extensive research and I am pleased to say that I really love them!

Let's begin!

beauty products2 beauty products3 

I ordered about 7 or 8 Coastal Scents brushes  but pictured here are my favorite ones I am using pretty much every time I am doing my makeup. I wanted to try this brand because I heard many good things about it and because I don't have to give away half of my paycheck for a makeup brush!

I have the Bionic Flat Top Buffer (these names are killing me..) aka BR-110 which is a very dense foundation brush, it really applies my foundation very well without consuming the product extensively, so that is awesome.
Next there is the Classic Blender Natural (BR-C-N09)  - it is an eye shadow brush, made from natural hairs, they are so soft and amazing to use. It's recommended especially for the crease, it blends out the eyeshadow amazingly in that area, I was really impressed by it, I don't think I could ever let this one go.

Then, there is the Classic Detail Round brush (BR-C-S12) - a little synthetic brush that really controls any smokey-eye makeup, it's perfect to add color under the eye and to blend out any little mistakes that can appear.

Last but not least is the Pro Blending Fluff (BR-250) -  a natural hair brush, used for, as you might have guessed by now, blending! I telly you, it's wonderful, it picks up the product so well and it really concentrates it where you need it without scattering it chaotically everywhere, which is why it's more rigid than the synthetic version, but it works better in my opinion!

beauty products4 
In the above image I pictured the Body Sorbet Gel from SABON , I don't know how familiar you are with these products, but I absolutely adore their scents, their packaging and their discounts especially! I chose the gel texture for this body cream, because my skin absorbs it more rapidly and I just dislike that greasy texture a body butter leaves for example, so this is just perfect for me! I have the Patchouli Lavender and Vanilla scent and it just smells... like a cake made of flowers, I don't know how else to describe it, it's just delicious!

beauty products9

This is the Triple Baked blush from Makeup Revolution in Peach Keen Hearts shade, which as you beauty experts might now, it's a perfect  dupe for the  much more expensive Too Faced blush - I swatched both products in Sephora and the formula is identical, I could even say the Makeup Revolution one is even more pigmented, but I guess it depends on the shade. I totally recommend it, it's wonderful! The packaging really was the one that convinced me, haha.

beauty products5 
Here is the Sephora Cushion Illuminator which I talked about at the beginning of this long post; it has a liquid formula, it is not silvery or white, but not a true gold either, it's a shade somewhere in between but it's simply lovely on the skin, you can apply it with your fingers with tapping motions and it just instantly creates a beautiful glowing skin.

beauty products6

Next up are some face cleansers I am very excited about and happy to share with you - I am very picky when it comes to a face cleansers. I have a quite sensitive skin, prone to acne, so what I am looking for is a gentle cleanser with a soft formula that does not leave my skin dry or irritated.
I tried the Bioderma Sebium cleansing gel which I use in the morning and I think I will be sticking with it for a long time now because my skin really feels great after each time I use it so hooray for that!

When I want to remove my makeup I am currently using the Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water mainly because it's recommended for sensitive skin and because it has a few hydrating ingredients as well. I was reluctant at first to try it, because I used micellar waters before and I was totally not impressed. I had trouble removing my eyeliner and mascara, it created a hot mess around my eyes and I just hated that. But the Bioderma one works like magic! Everything goes away beautifully, it has no fragrance which is great and also I don't feel my skin irritated or still dirty as I used to feel it while using makeup remover wipes for example.

beauty products8

Last but not least, I recently bought the Sephora Supreme Cleansing oil to give it a try because I wanted to try a cleansing oil for a veeeeery long time. I thinking about the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing oil, but I searched for that product like crazy and it appears it is not available in my country, so instead I took the Take the Day off Balm , which was great but what I didn't like was the fact that it was packed in a jar and I had to dig in it with my fingers every time I used it and that is not exactly hygienic, all sorts of bacteria can gather in there over time.

So the Sephora version is for me a great replacement for the Clinique version, I tried it about three times and it does wonders! I love it because it turns into a soft lotion in contact with water and you only need one pump, rub it on your face and then clean it off with warm water. It's that simple and it leaves suuuuch a soft, happy skin! It does not leave a greasy finish whatsoever, but rather a velvety touch and you don't have to use cotton pads like with the micellar waters, so you get to spend less money on it.

beauty products7

I saved these two last because they are both silicone based products, although one is used in makeup and the other one is a skin treatment.

I have been using Paula's Choice for many years now and even though I am trying new skin care products just of pure curiosity, I always go back to this brand and reach the conclusion that they are simply the best! And Clinique. So if  were to recommend a skin care brand, I would shove these two brands in anyone's face, I am aware they are not for every budget, but unlike other luxury brands, they are really worth the money; just look at their ingredients list and you will see all sorts of state-of-the-art ingredients that are really doing good for your skin!

So I have now the Resists Super Antioxidant Concentrare Serum which I use every morning and night before my main moisturizer and this particular product is great for people with mixed or oily skin and for those who are also concerned with wrinkles - the fine lines, not the big bad wrinkles you get when you're over 60, you know what I mean.

Next to it is the Sephora face primer, to be honest, I have nothing to compare it to yet, I never used a proper face primer before so I decided to start with this one and see how it goes.

So far I am quite happy with it, the makeup does apply more smoothly and it stays on fresh for a longer period of time, I don't know what magic it has in it, but it's just great!

Do you have any recommendations when it comes with face primers?
And tell me what do you think about these products, if you tried them yet, I am curious to know your opinions!

Until later..have a gorgeous Sunday!

October 12, 2016

Looks for Autumn

romantic autumn

I am hoping you are all doing well and you are keeping yourselves warm wherever you are. 
Here it's currently raining and it's simply horrible, but at least we had good weather during this past weekend, which is why I was able to dress lightly in this chiffon dress which is actually more suited for Spring, but we can adjust right? It's all about styling. 
With a pair of ankle boots and a suede jacket, that is older than myself, and I think a neck scarf would've been nice too, you can't go wrong, right? This jacket almost did not make it in this photo shoot, because I thought I lost it last week, or rather it was stolen from me, but I managed to take it back without too much effort, thank goodness! 
Picture that you're traveling dead tired from one city to another by bus and you wake up even more dead tired at the destination without your favorite, 35 year old vintage jacket that belonged to your mother. I wanted to set everything on fire at that point, I was so angry and sad at the same time, but it took a few phone calls, two days and a whole lot of hysteria and I was reunited with my beloved jacket! You can imagine that I will treasure it even more after this experience.

romantic autumn2 romantic autumn5 romantic autumn7 romantic autumn6 romantic autumn4 romantic autumn3

Wearing: Dress from HERE, no name boots, vintage jacket, belt and earrings

October 7, 2016

Autumn's arrival

autumn arrival4 

 Oh boy, when did it became Autumn? Sometime between my chaotic change of house and some drastic weather changes, like doomy rains and cold nights and I was too busy to notice.
 As Autumn came, so did this lovely coat, or rather, dress-coat, because it just feels and looks so feminine!
It's made of a thick fabric, similar to brocade, but much more softer and warmer, unlike the shiny version you see on the website. It won't keep you warm during the Winter at -15 degrees Celsius, but for warmer Autumn days it's just lovely! And of course, those colors are just perfect for this season! I could camouflage in an abundance of fallen leaves and no one would notice me.

Keep warm guys and enjoy the colorful nature, it won't last long!

  autumn arrival6autumn arrival8 autumn arrival7 autumn arrival autumn arrival2 autumn arrival3 autumn arrival5

Wearing: Coat from HERE, no name velvet shoes, Adona.ro bag, vintage belt